“Jodi Dean provided grant writing services to our school for one year. She took the time to understand our ministry and our needs and then set about finding potential funding sources that would be supportive of our efforts. Jodi communicated with me regularly and kept me informed of what she was working on. We ultimately received several grants as a result of her efforts and our school–and our students–have benefited accordingly.”

Jason B. Watson
Sunshine Bible Academy
Ms. Dean served as outreach and marketing consultant for our resource and advocacy organization. During this time, she engaged parents, teachers and others, primarily via online platforms including Twitter and Facebook, with a goal to increase awareness of our organization, as well as our new membership offerings. Ms. Dean provided a thorough explanation of her work at initial contact and promptly presented a reasonable bid. She was an enthusiastic member of our team and sufficiently supported our mission to advance meaningful learning through the empowerment of educators, children and families.
Tasha C. Ring, M.Ed.
Meridian Learning
After 20 years as a public school educator, I entered the world of fundraising in Christian education, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when it came to raising annual or capital funds.  Now, after 17 years in the arena of casting vision and inviting financial participating, I have a much better understanding of the ways to ‘raise money’ for Christian schools.  And Jodi Dean get ii.  In fact, she is a trend-setter who clearly has her finger on the pulse of the best and innovative new practices of vision-casting and fund-raising.   Check her out for yourself.
Bob Stouffer, Ph.D.
Upper School Principal  
Southside Christian School