In 2010, I heard seven words that would change my life “You are going to be an aunt.”   A few months later, Mason Samuel was born to my brother and his wife.   From the first time, I held the little guy in my two hands to last time I heard him read to me, my passion for children has grown!  I want all kids, including Mason and his little brother Max, to have a great educational experience.

The world is changing rapidly, and so is schooling.   No longer do children attend school, down the block from their house.   Children attend school in their home, on the internet, in their neighborhood, or across town.    Parents have a plethora of options from homeschooling to microschooling to virtual charter school to traditional schools.  The traditional private or public school must stand out in order to attract families, while the microschool needs to share its story to increase awareness and community.

Do you long your school to shine brightly?  In a world of competitive educational offerings, your school needs to stand out brightly.   Whether you are a guide of a tiny microschool, a leader of a faith-based, private, or independent, or a superintendent of a rural/small public school, you need an effective storytelling plan to share your school’s impact on students, parents, and alumni.  Storytelling is more than marketing or enrollment – it’s marketing your school for enrollment growth, ensuring students stay from enrollment to graduation, and get your donors on board for the school to ensure its’ stability.

Storytelling is getting powerful advocates who tell your school’s successes to potential and current stakeholders? Advocates are able to tell of your school’s success stories to their friends, co-workers and neighborhoods.   They are not marketers who will trade your school for a cheaper version, but individuals who are loyal to your school’s mission and vision.    Building advocates means schools must delve into relationships before a family comes to your school, during the time of enrollment and after the time of graduation.  It means excellent planning, implementation, and follow-up.    It’s not only excellent communication with the right people – students, grandparents, parents and others – it’s community engagement.

Dean School Consulting assists with schools like yours to provide annual strategic planning and coaching to implement the storytelling plan, the strategies, and design solutions, and most importantly build the powerful advocates, needed to reach your goals.  Dean School Consulting will design a comprehensive assessment of your current strategies and processes, and then help you implement “best practices” from schools, and nonprofits, across the globe.   The result in marketing will allow your school to increase enrollment and funds – ensuring it has a sustainable future.

Dean School Consulting works with traditional faith-based, private, and independent schools.   As I have traveled to rural areas, I have developed a heart for serving public schools in areas, where no others options exist – to ensure students are able to obtain an education.

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