Teachers as Marketers: 21 Benefits to Retain Educators

The education talent war!  Parents want great educators who are passionate about education, care tenderly for children, and continue to hone skills.  When parents can see their children’s teachers can commit to a certain school for the long haul, retention levels can increase.
Unfortunately, your private school is in competition for talented professionals with K-12 institutions, even universities/colleges, and nonprofits/companies.  How do you attract the best and brightest educators to your school, even if it pays a bit lower than others around you?   Be amazing.
The culture of your school will help retain educators.  From having a clean building to available leadership, faith-based, private, and independent schools can create a welcoming and caring culture for staff members.  Additionally, provide your faculty with adequate ways big and small ways help them to grow as professional educator.  The happier they are, the more like they will stay, and they will speak positively about your school.  Good word-of-mouth draws families to your school!  Yes, teachers market your school.
An amazing culture is great!  Another way to retain teachers is to develop out-of-the-box methods.  Think like a start-up company executive.  Entrepreneurial businesses, sometimes don’t have deep pockets to pay their staff.  So they must be innovative to obtain the best and brightest people.   Tiny perks can boost morale, help your staff to work hard and play hard, and live a fuller meaningful life.
Simply respect your educators as hard working individuals who love their positions to shape their lives of children, while giving them some perks to make their experience more rewarding.
Here are 21 great benefits to consider:
  • Free Coffee.  The locally roasted beans not the cheap stuff in the can.
  • Free Drinks.  Not everyone likes coffee.
  • Free Snacks.   Healthy, even not so healthy snacks, should be in the lounge on a regular basis.
  • Free Breakfast.   Start the day with a good meal.
  • Free Lunch.   Educators need to refuel, before their afternoon with students.
  • Food Truck Visits.   Educators can purchase a tasty meal from their favorite food truck, in your parking lot.
  • Off Site Events.   Gokarting, hiking, or picnicing can be great ways to form bonds between educators.
  • Happy Hour.  Every once-in-a-while, it’s fun to get together and not think about teaching
  • Monthly Learning Series.   Educators vote to bring in a speaker on a topic of their choosing, once a month. o – it does not need to relate to teaching.
  • School Swag.   Why make teachers buy their own logo wear?
  • Jeans Day.  Allow your teachers to dress causally each Friday.
  • Late Arrival/Early Dismal.  Allow your educators to have 30, 60, or 90 minutes of late/early arrival time as a reward/incentive, or a birthday gift.
  • Flexible Professional Development.  Credit for leading a Twitter discussion on 4th grade writing or high school biology.
  • Discount Gym Fees.   Ask your local gym for discount for your school’s teachers and staff.
  • School Sponsored Sports’ Team:   Encourage your adults to form a team and play on the local parks and rec’ league, and yes, it’s a great way of advertising your school.
  • Free Exercise Instruction.  Allow educators to de-stress after school in the gym.
  • Entertainment Discounts.   Ask your local places of entertainment for discount for your school’s teachers and staff.
  • Permission to Use the School’s Offerings.  Ability to use the school’s library to host their child’s birthday party, on the weekend, or gather a group of guys to play basketball.
  • Childcare Discounts. Provide your employees with a significant discount on daily/weekly care, if you offer a pre-school program on site.  If not, ask a nearby childcare program for a discount on childcare for your employees.
  • Housing Discounts.   Ask nearby apartment complexes to provide discounts to your employees including move-in discounts and monthly rent discounts.
  • Transportation Maintenance Discounts. Ask a local garage to provide discounts on oil changes,new tires and regular service.