Five Negative Subliminal School Marketing Messages

Your school’s marketing sends messages to parents and grandparents, even students. From website content to follow-up after the open house, how your school tells it story, interacts with individuals and conducts ordinary business gives a broader message to family. In each step, some schools send out a lot of negative messages.

I Went Here, Don’t Put Your Kids Here /// If your school feature alumni in marketing materials, ask yourself two questions: Does your school alumni currently live in driving distance to/from your school? Does he/she enroll his/her children at your school? An alumni who resides in a reasonable drivable distance with children and enrolls them elsewhere, should not be in your school’s marketing and promotional items.

Working Parents, Go Elsewhere /// It’s estimated that 70% of school age moms and dads work. Many can’t take time off work during work hours. Simply, a 9:30 a.m. slot for an open house will not work in their schedules. Make sure that your school has options for all parents – early morning, day time, late evening and weekend. You may desire a virtual open house for parents.

Thanks, But No Thanks /// When parents come to your event, follow up with them with a thank you! Take time before an open house to write the framework of a follow-up email. Snap a few photos during the event and include them in the email. A timely follow-up email within 24 hours of the event is a great way to further connect with families!

Our Teachers Are Boring /// Does your school’s website post pictures of teachers’ lecturing to students? Most students think lectures are boring and can send bad vibes to your prospective students. Capture teachers engaged in classroom discussion, small-group instruction or project facilitation.

Only Parents Can Decide /// Parents are not the only one to make the decision to attend your school. Grandparents are quite influential on where their grandchildren attend school! And, children are often the ones to make the ultimate decision.