Connect with Alumni For A Brighter Future

Alumni connections are important for marketing and fundraising purposes. Alumni know the quality of your school from programs to faculty to students. They can speak well to prospective families who are worried about their return on investment. Also, alumni can become donors who support their passions.

Ask Them To Serve /// Create a list of volunteer opportunities for alumni, i.e. tutor students, serve as science fair judges or take tickets at athletic competitions, and post it on your school’s website. Encourage alumni to volunteer a minimum of one hour per quarter. Take advantage of programs, such as Junior Achievement, that can connect alumni to your students.

Host an Open House /// Invite alumni to see what is happening in your school. Host a formal or informal open house each year so alumni can reconnect with your school’s administrators, faculty, teachers, staff and students, and their former classmates.

Invite Them to Dinner /// Find an alumnus with a swanky home or find a trendy club to host dinner for a gathering of past students. You can host a dinner in the same city as your school, or a major metropolitan area where a large majority of your alumni reside.

Create an Alumni Hall of Fame /// Recognize outstanding high school alumni for their significant achievements and contributes to their career and community. Allow them to be a source of pride and distinction for your school district, and serve as role models for current and future students.

Create an Alumni Association /// Develop an alumni association to support the activities of the public school system, and strengthen the ties between the community and the school. The alumni association can work to raise money for school programs or develop student scholarship programs. Allow the alumni association to appoint one member to your school’s board of director.