5 Ways to Thank Donors

November is the season of thankfulness! It’s a great month to thank your school’s donors. Here are five simple ways your school’s leadership can express appreciation to those individuals, families, businesses and organizations who provide financial donations and in-kind resources.

Send a Note of Thanks /// During this month, your school’s advancement team may express their thankfulness and send a note of thanksgiving to your major donors. A simple handwritten note that says “thank you” to the donor is significant.

Phone Call /// Your school’s board president should call recent or major donors with a brief message of thanks. Make sure the board president keeps the phone call short and to the point.

An Invitation /// Did your school’s donor provide funds or resources for a specific program at your school? Send a brief thank you with an invite them to the corresponding event – an athletic event, an arts celebration or a rewards night. If your donor is a corporation or organization send them a packet of tickets.

Lunch with a Student /// Did your donor provide scholarship funds? Invite the donor to have lunch with one or more students. Allow the student(s) to share their positive experiences with the donor.

Fingerprint Tree /// Does your school have a donor who loves art? Give them the gift of a painting. Gather a group of your school’s students and have them dip their fingertips in paint and press them onto a canvas. Frame it and give to the donor. Attach a handwritten note of thanks to the painting.