Giving Tuesday and Getting Help

November is the season of thankfulness! It’s a great month to thank your school’s donors. Here are five simple ways your school’s leadership can express appreciation to those individuals, families, businesses and organizations who provide financial and in-kind donations.

Send a Note of Thanks /// During this month, your school’s advancement team may express their thankfulness and send a note of thanksgiving to your major donors. A simple handwritten note that says “thank you” to the donor is significant.

Phone Call /// Your school’s board president should call recent or major donors with a brief message of thanks. Make sure the board president keeps the phone call short and to the point.

An Invitation /// Did your school’s donor provide funds or resources for a specific program at your school? Send a brief thank you with an invite them to a corresponding event – an athletic event, an arts celebration or a rewards night. If your donor is a corporation or organization send them a packet of tickets.

Lunch with a Student /// Did your donor provide scholarship funds? Invite the donor to have lunch with one or more students. Allow the student(s) to share their positive experiences with the donor.

Fingerprint Tree /// Does your school have a donor who loves art? Give them the gift of a painting. Gather a group of your school’s students and have them dip their fingertips in paint and press them onto a canvas. Frame it and give to the donor. Attach a handwritten note of thanks to the painting.