How to Connect Your Alumni to Your School

Alumni can be powerful allies to your school! As both storytellers and advocates, alumni can tell how your school’s faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders left a positive lifelong impact. When I am asked about my high school experience, I proudly state “I actively participated in multiple elective classes from electricity to creative writing, which allowed me to develop my passions, learn problem-solving and explore career options. Additionally, I was a four-year FFA member. My FFA membership allowed me to hone networking, leadership and communication skills. My high school still provides numerous course electives and extracurricular activities. Most importantly, many of the school’s faculty showed care and compassion for every student! Their concern for me as an individual made me want to do better in school and in life! Without the programs and people, I would not be in my current role.” In a matter of minutes, I can state why a parent or student should explore my former high school as an option for education. There are five roles alumni should play at your school:

Ambassadors /// Alumni can tell powerful stories on how your school’s faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders
honed their intellect, developed their faith and shaped their views. They can speak well of how your school’s
community prepared them for their next step in life. Truly, they can influence the next generation to enroll in
your school.

Volunteers /// Alumni can play a vital part in your current school community. Their assistance can bring new
lifeblood and hands to your school! They can tutor students, start a robotics club or serve as board/committee members. With innovative technology, alumni can serve at the school or thousands of miles away.

Connectors /// Alumni can connect your school community to their coworker, colleagues and friends. Powerful movers and shakers can build relationships between your school’s leaders, faculty and students and their network to move your school’s needlepoint in the right direction.

Donors /// Alumni can provide financial and in-kind resources to your school. School leaders should ensure manage relationships with alumni. These adults can contribute to the annual fund or leave a legacy gift.

Hosts /// Alumni can host events from coffees to dinners for other graduates. Events will allow them to reconnect with other alumni and will prevent them from “falling off the grid.”