5 Lessons from My Alma Matter

I took on a recent project to build an alumni association at my alma matter and its feeder schools. While the large public high school (2,200+ students) is a different from independent and private schools, Carroll High School’s athletic association has five great lessons transferable to any school setting. Private and independent school leaders can apply one or more tips to athletic events, student musicals and other events.

#NeonNation /// Neon Nation is the student cheering block at each home game. A few years ago a student wore a neon shirt to every home basketball game. A few weeks into the season, he convinced his friends to do the same. Soon the entire student body decided to wear a neon yellow shirt to every home game. Today #NeonNation is well-known through the local community. Internal brand ambassadors and external media personnel use the #NeonNation to share Carroll’s athletic news.

Tailgate /// Through out the school year tailgate parties are held! These pre-game events allow all stakeholders an opportunity to mingle and build long-lasting relationships before they watch a game.

Game Day Shopping /// Game attendees may purchase logo wear from the #NeonNation pop-up store. Grandparents, parents and alumni are able to buy hoodies and t-shirts to show their support for the school during the game and around the community.

Pep Rallies /// The school holds a monthly pep-rally during the school day Each rally is designed to build unity among the whole student body, and make sure that every student feels like they belong to something greater than themselves.

Live Feed /// Faculty and coaches work together to make each home football and basketball game is available via the internet. The school’s student media team live-streams each game. This enables stakeholders unable to make it to the game to watch anywhere.