Make Your Independent or Private School Strong

Your private or independent school’s retention efforts should not start in the middle of the school year! Retention must start the day your students enroll into your private or independent school. Such an effort will help boost your private or independent school’s enrollment. Why? Parents and students who have positive experiences with your school are more likely to share their positive experience with your school to their coworkers and friends. On the other hand, negative stories can spread like wildfire and families will tend to avoid your school.

Chose Face-to-Face /// Social media and content marketing are important in this day and age, however, more than ever personal relationships matter. Make sure that your school’s leadership connects with parents, students and their families face-to-face
positively through informal and formal ways. Also, ensure all new and returning students have formed at least one friendship. Students who have friends at school are more likely to return next year.
Kick Off the Year Right /// Encourage each classroom teacher to call each student’s parent(s) and share something positive about the student. This will ensure an educational partnership is built between the teacher, the student and the parent(s).
Engage Leadership /// Encourage your board members and administrators to send handwritten thank you notes to current families, especially those who are in new to your school. Make sure that your school’s board members attend open houses and other back-to-school events.
Strong Behavior Standards /// Ensure all students are held to the same standards of excellence. Use school-wide behavior policies and management strategies in all classrooms to encourage better behavior from all students. The absence of discipline problems creates a positive experience for all stakeholders.
Create a Vision /// Help students plan their future at your school! Your school’s administrators, faculty, and staff should look to connect students to future opportunities at your school. Example: Allow your elementary school students to sing the national anthem before a middle or high school football or soccer game. The younger students will begin to see themselves in a starring athletic or artistic role at your school.