Use Monthly Giving to Raise More Money

The annual fund is the backbone of most fundraising efforts. Many schools desire a 100% donation from parents. A lot of schools desire support from a large percent of alumni. In today’s economic conditions, many of school’s stakeholders are unable to afford a large donation. Most can contribute a small, monthly amount. This option is a great way for your school’s stakeholders to contribute to your school’s annual fund within their personal budget. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Who are potential targets for your school’s monthly giving campaign? How can a program be beneficial for your school?

Young Alumni /// Today’s young alumni are saddled with loan payments for college, house and vehicle. These payments are on top of normal household expenses. Many of your school’s young alumni would love to give back to their alma matter, but are unable to give the large annual donation. Either they send in a small payment, or they skip it and don’t give anything. Yet, many of these millenials can afford to purchase a pizza and a movie once a week. Ask them to give up a night of fun once a month, replace it with something cheap or free, and send the savings your school. While most young adults can’t afford to make the one-time contribution of $300.00, they can afford a donation of $25.00 a month.

Budget Minded Parents /// Every school will have at least one family on a tight-budget. They ensure their children have food, housing and clothing, but they can’t afford the fluff. They will not be able to make a sizable, one-time payment. They can trim their budget and make a small monthly contribution to your school.

Previous Small Gift Donors /// Donors that give $50.00 or less to the regular annual campaign – every year. They have given for past 5, 10 or more years. They have the cash available, when your school’s leaders ask for it. They might have more to give, however, it may not be in their hands at the time. These regular donors can watch their donations make an impact each and every month.

Think Sustainability /// Research shows the average monthly gift is $25.00 each month or $300.00 per year. Not be a lot of money? Maybe not. However, monthly contributions add up. Let’s say 100 individuals make the monthly contribution of $25.00 each month, that’s or $300.00 each year. The difference between an annual campaign that ask for a $25.00 amount each year or a $25.00 contribution each month is $27,500.

Think Ease /// It’s more cost effective to retain donors, rather than get new donors. Monthly giving enables donors to keep your school’s name and their interest in their vision. As they donate from July – June, they see how their hard-earned funds go towards the cause they love. When your school’s leadership to renew their pledge for the next school year, they gladly sign up.